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so im not going to see john kerry.
because he was here this morning. not tomorrow morning. and my dad got the message too late and thought it was for tomorrow. so im kind of upset.

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George Bush said that the war on Iraq was not a mistake and that if given a choice, he would do everything over again, in the same way. How can he possibly be serious? Is he really saying that if we knew there were no imminent threat, no weapons of mass destruction, no ties to al quaeda, that the United States would still have invaded Iraq? My answer is no.. because a Commander in Chiefs first responsibility is to make a wise and responsible decision to keep America safe.

Please vote smart.
Vote John Kerry for President.

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Who was your first love (if you've had one)?: Roger
First kiss: just about a week ago actually
If you could take back one thing you did, what would it be and why? : um im not sure
Do you have any regrets?: almost everything i do/did, i regret.
Last thing you said?: "yeah you will"
Last song you heard: "somebody"
Last person you talked to: patrick
If you could get back together with an ex, who would it be and why?: All of my ex's failed, i would never get back with any of them if.

What are you doing right now?: This survey, and watching real world
Are you cold?: I am freezing.
How are you sitting?: one leg underneath the other.
Is there music on?: Yes.
If so, what song is it?: "white houses"
What time is it?: 9:03
Where are your parents?: out.. at some orientation thing

How old will you be when you graduate high school?: 17 or 18. matters how many snow days we have
Are you going to get married?: most likely.
Although you cant tell who you'll marry, is there anyone you'd wish it would be?: This one person. they melt my heart.
Are you going to have children?: most likely
If yes, how many?: um 2 maybe
What will you name them?: anastacia and vivica
Do you want to go to college?: Yes.
Which college: esu
What kind of car will you want to drive: anything that people call a shitbox, and drives well.
What kind of job will you have: teacher.

--Have you ever--
Prank called the police: nope.
Been followed, etc by the police: nope.
Been drunk: nope.
Stolen anything: yes
Met someone off the net: yes
Been in a fist fight : i wish.
Punched your sibling/parent: my brother can be a bitch.
Wished you'd die: sometimes
Broken a bone: nope, thank god.
Driven illegally: nope.
Runaway: i tried.
Filled out a survey this long: I've done longer.

Are you a lefty, righty, or ambidextrious: Righty.
What do you think of rainbows?: Rainbows are awesome.
Do you have any piercings/tattoos?: none.
If so, where?: none
If not, do you want any, where?: I want my lip and tongue peirced. And i want my bellybutton
What do you think of Eminem? : get over yourself, boy.
Is Tupac Shakur really dead?: Nope, and hes hiding in Cuba.
If you could live anywhere else, where would you live?: new york, or California.
Do you drive?: unfortunately not.
Do you have braces or glasses?: braces
Like milk and cookies?: Who doesn't?
Ever worn black nail polish?: Yes.
If your a guy, have you ever painted your nails?: -female-
Girls, what color nail polish do you have on?: red
If you could have a 6th sense, what would it be?: esp
If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?: Oh lord, everything.
Do you do things even when your parents say no?: yup. because i'm so badass.
Ever taken anything from a hotel?: HAH. yes. Again, because i'm a badass.
Did you talk to your crush/bf/gf today?: Yes
First real kiss: about a week ago
First job: Babysitter.
First screen name: i dont remember
First self-purchased album: Hanson.
First funeral: grandfathers
First pet: champ, the best dog ever
First piercing: in my ears.. its gone now
First big trip: south carolina
Last kiss: last week
Last good cry: last night.
Last movie seen: Napoleon Dynamite. <33333 IDIOT!!
Last phone call: kristin
Last TV show watched: real world
Last shoes worn: black stilettos
Last CD played: modest mouse
Last item bought: lunch
Last soda drank: diet pepsi
Last ice cream eaten: mint chocolate chip
Last shirt worn: boustierre type shirt

[The Vitals]
- Full name: Samantha Rae Ace
- Nickname/s: Sierra, Rae. Sammi, Sam
Location: Pennsylvania
- Natural Hair color: blonde.
- Present Hair color: blonde.. but not original blonde
- Eye color: Hazel. sometimes green
- Bra size/Penis size: Bra-32b

[The Nosey]
- What color is your underwear? yellow
- Girls, is your bra padded/do you stuff it? no
- Do you have a crush on someone? yes
- Does anyone have a crush on you? yes
- Which celebrities do you find attractive? whoa, too many.
- Which celebrities would you make out with given the chance? See above, baby.
- Which of your friends do you find attractive? um.. a couple

[The Morals]
- Would you kiss someone you don't love? yes.
- Would you have sex with someone you don't love? yes.
- Do you have any love interests? yes
- Do you believe in sex before marriage?: yes.
- Have you ever been in love? yes.
- Do you want to get married? yes.
[The Ending]
- What is the time? 9:12
- How long did this take you? um a little
- Did you enjoy this? i guess. I was really bored.
- What did you do most during this survey? moved around cause i gotta pee pee pee
- Any final thoughts? I'um nope. im so tired

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EW my moms such a dirtbag.. "sam i think youre getting viruses from livejournal.." "uh no mom. youre gay. my journal isnt really 'live' thats just the title.. its like a website shut up"
SHE DOESNT GET IT. she thinks my journal is like a "live" journal.. like aim.. EW

what a fgt

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ah internets been gay. cant update much.

school isnt as bad as i thought.
i have given [N] my heart.
me and heather have been hanging out.
napoleon dynamite owns me.
i have blonder hair because i dyed it in a creek.
creepy people are everywhere.
i hate heartless people {ie: russia terrorists in the school}
i have finally cleaned my room.

my past months in a nutshell..

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saw napoleon dynamite with kristin. fucking hilarious.

"what are you going to do today napoleon?"
"whatever i WANna do GOSH!"

hhaha its so funny.. ill go again